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The family of Archibald Daniel homesteaded Canyon Creek Stage Station in 1873 along the Oregon Trail. Travelers along the trail had used the campsite as early as 1843 as the canyon provided lush green grass and water from the creek as an oasis in the desert.  The stage station was constructed of lava rocks from the surrounding canyon and wood floors and roof from the hillsides. The lava rock walls were built 18” thick on the station and a tapered 24 – 20” thick on the kitchen building. The station was built in a T shape with a living room and a bedroom on the main floor and three bedrooms for guests on the second floor. A second building used as a kitchen created a breezeway between the two buildings to allow passengers safe passage into the station from the stagecoach. The station operated until 1921 and was destroyed by fire in 1976, leaving only stonewalls. The Stanley and Mildred Norstebon family are stabilizing the ruins from further deterioration.

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Canyon Creek Stage Station
Mountain Home, Elmore County

  • Grants: 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016

Location: 6870 Mayfield Rd., Mountain Home, ID 83647
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