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Mission Statement: Idaho Heritage Trust
Preserving the historic fabric of Idaho for our State's Bicentennial in 2090 through a program of grants and technical assistance.

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Milestones: Idaho Heritage Trust

Founded in 1989, the Idaho Heritage Trust began as a lasting
legacy of the Centennial Celebration of 1990.

  • Funded more than 400 projects totaling over $3 million in grants and technical architectural, engineering and conservation advice.

  • Provided grants and technical assistance in every county in Idaho.

  • Awarded more than 66% of grants to communities of 5,000 or less.

Idaho’s Bicentennial in 2090 will be the pinnacle milestone for the Idaho Heritage Trust. A century of preservation will take center stage for a new generation to visit in celebration. 1989 - 2090 Timeline

Funding Via License Plates

For the generations of tomorrow...
funds generated by the red, white and blue license plate support historic preservation throughout Idaho. Fifty cents from each standard Idaho plate goes into an endowment fund. The earnings from the fund, in partnership with money from the local community, supports historic buildings, sites and artifact collections throughout Idaho.


Idaho License Plate Funding

Idaho State Legislature

The Board of Trustees of the Idaho Heritage Trust, our grantees and supporters want to thank the Idaho State Legislature for continued support of the Idaho Heritage Trust endowment. Their leadership demonstrates the importance of preserving the pages of history for the generations of tomorrow. These buildings, artifacts and sites embody the everyday lives, triumphs and tragedies of our people. They have borne witness to our lives and through these shared memories we can better see our way forward.

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